5 basic rules for successful betting on football

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When you bet on sports (especially football), there are several key principles that must be applied. Failure to do so significantly reduce your chances of achieving long-term profitability. In today’s article we wrote five of these basic rules. If you follow them, your life will be much easier (and more profitable).

Bet wisely, because the only way you can succeed!

1) Accumulate but speculate

When punters trying to figure out a simple way to increase your value bets, usually ends at the battery. This is the type of bet, within which you have to bet on one slip several matches. For example, you can bet at odds of 1.40 to win as Chelsea at 1.50 to win Manchester City. Rate multiplied by each other and the overall rate of the battery will be 2.10.

There is nothing wrong with that. But most bettors tend battery překombinovat in the hope of hitting the jackpot. As a result, they have on one slip calmly 10 matches and they still tip the hazardous results. You have to realize that in this way certainly reach long-term profit. The more matches you have on a single ticket, the less you have a chance of success.

You need to be absolutely clear about why you are betting on the matches. Do not loosen the reins emotions. The chances of hitting the big payoff is extremely low. I prefer to stick to the ground and try to achieve long-term gain reasonable bet. More information on this topic can be found in the article Betting Football – How to create a winning football accumulator.

2) Statistics are your friend

In the past, punters (and even coaches) are often decided by their feelings. I just need to be told that their attacker in matches that little break. Just then made that the players excluded from the squad and led the team to a refund. But the reality is that at first glance lazy attacker can easily complete more passes and to score more goals than the attacker, who, although 90 minutes after the pitch motor runs like a mouse, but the game lacks the idea.

The answer to this problem is simple. Statistics. All professional teams and all successful punters statistics widely used because they make the job easier and help them to create an objective opinion. For example, in a football match, you can see how many times you pass the team, which had possession of the ball, how many goals scored and conceded how many, how many corners won, how many chances he created and so on …

Bookmakers these statistics analyzed to be sure that the related markets have created the most accurate rates. If you can estimate the strength of the team better than they can earn interest money. You may not, however, rely on luck.

For more information related to this topic can be found for example in the article how important football is happiness? and betting on football – pre-game survey.

3) Look for the best possible courses

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Most bettors makes a huge mistake. Open an account with one bookmakers and betting followed at all times here. This paves the advantage. It is optimal to have created a betting account at least three online sázkovek. This will allow for each betting opportunity to compare courses offered and then bet at the sázkovky, which offers the best conditions.

Another big plus is of course that you will be able to draw several welcome bonuses, because nowadays offers a welcome bonus of virtually every sázkovka. Not to mention regularly organized promotions (different bets without risk, and so forth).

4) The importance of team form and injuries

In the second paragraph of this article, we talked about statistics. However, they are only one part of the puzzle. To maximize your chances of success, you also have knowledge about the form in which the team is currently located and what the injured players. If the team gets hurt some really important player, it can have a significant impact on his performance. But sometimes also true that bookmakers overestimate the role of player and team you cool handle without it.

Again, if you can estimate the importance of a particular player better than the bookies, you can achieve interesting earnings. More information on this topic can be found in the article Betting on Football – Team Evaluation Form. When the analysis has to take into account a range of factors – such as whether the team had a longer pause the game, as we are talking to in Article Effect winter break in football.

5) Be pragmatic

We all have a favorite football team. But if we plant, we should be able to separate emotion from “business.” You have to realize that blindly betting on your favorite team is going nowhere. When you bet on a winning team, you need to have for good reasons. About this topic, we expanded Articles How to Avoid planting under the influence of emotions and Sports fans may not always be good punters.

Simply that emotion into betting (business) do not. When you buy shares, you do not drive too that it is a company that you like. If you bet on a team does not seem logical, do not bet on it.

Betting on Football – What to do before betting on a particular match

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It is necessary to evaluate a number of factors

Football is the world’s most popular sport among both fans and the punters. Millions of them every week betting on matches various leagues. In this article we bring you advice on what before betting on a particular match notice.

Every bookmaker has different criteria by which to bet on a team decision. Someone is looking at the table, someone on current form and the other looks at the infirmary. What factors should therefore be considered? There are two primary factors – mathematics and information. Can not say that one factor is more important than the other, both factors are complementary.

Mathematics is the placement of the league table or form a team in the current period. For evaluation forms team to look for the last 5 games (does not occur if the seasonal pause in between). The results do not mean everything – the team could win in goal offside or he did not succeed due to a combination of poor quality grass and lost. Next, you have to ask whether it is better performance underdog defeat 5: 0, or draw with a team that has ambitions towards the championship title.

The ideal is seen throughout the last matches of teams you want to bet, but this is the greater the volume of fried matches time impossible. So you will have to follow the ball -držení statistics, the number of shots on goal, corners, the number of yellow and red cards, etc. The statistics are certainly more accurate than subjective view of the editor.

Another factor is the relative balance Wrestling specific teams. This factor is of less importance, and it is because for most teams, the coaches (and sometimes players) turns bashing, plus teams play against each other once every 2-3 months during this period can change many things. You have half the battle when you discover the psychological complex of a team of his opponent.

You must also have an idea about the course of the match. The main factors here are the players, their motivation and course where the match is played – here comes onstage influence referees, travel and fan support at home stadium (eg. In the English league has this advantage value of 23% – collide when two equally strong team, is home from the perspective of bookmakers ¼ greater chance of winning). Most important, however motivation and attitude with which players to the game board. If the team is in the quiet center of the table and the end of the league is missing a few games, the players have for the racing, which is reflected in the performance and the outcome of the game.

A large percentage of bettors overrated injuries of players. It is important to realize that football is not only a basic cadre eleven, but a number of alternates, who are always ready (and excited) into the game following a nasty collision board. Bigger clubs have at one position calmly two alternates who does not lag behind the quality of players starting lineup (exception type superstars Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie – their absence has on the game the team had a visible impact).

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